Walnut Sculpted Coffee Table - beautiful & stylish

This Sculpted Coffee Table is made from solid Walnut consisting of around 20 pieces of timber all 40mm (1-1/2 inch) thick. Each piece is roughly cut then glued and stacked together to form the unique shape of the coffee table, a process known as stacked lamination. From this point I used an angle grinder with saburrtooth carving wheels and my festool and metabo sanders as well as numerous hand tools such as spokeshaves, files, rasps and planes to finesse the table to its final shape.

Its finished in a wipe on poly then hand rubbed to a smooth finish using a thinned down food grade mineral oil.

The top is 10mm toughened glass.

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Copy carving a rotary phone Using 3-D pantograph

Using my copy carver to copy an old style rotary phone. Especially interesting was carving the handset.

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DIY- Building the 3-D pantograph

This is my 3-D router pantograph. Unlike other router pantographs, this pantograph also controls the router's depth of cut. This is is achieved by tilting the whole pantograph back and forth as the follower moves up and down. The pantograph supports the router's weight and thus precisely controls its height.

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DIY - Motorizing and test driving the scaffold

With wheels, my scaffold was easy enough to push around, but if I want to work on the ceiling, climbing down every time could be awkward. So I wanted to motorize it in a way that I could drive it around while standing on top.


Makita Electric Chainsaw Unbox & Test

This chainsaw is the perfect tool to break down the logs into small enough chunks, so I can handle them on my bandsaw.Best Electric Chainsaw

JET 16-32 Drum Sander - durability and performance you need for an effortless finish

Watch how the JET 16-32 woodworking drum sander offers the precision, durability and performance you need for an effortless finish.

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